Sub Navigation

Interior pages in the Standard Template have a sub-navigation bar as the far left column. It allows users to see all the contents of a section, and get from one section to another. It is automatically generated when you have folders in your site and pages in those folders, but there are some options and things to be aware of.

Note: An example of the sub-navigation bar appearance and behaviour is available in our style guide.

Creating folders and pages for sub-navigation

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Sub navigation page options

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Sub navigation folder options

Hiding an entire folder from sub-navigation

For some situations, you may want to disable an entire sub-folder or subsection from the navigation. If you used the New > Folder - Navigation Asset Factory to create your folder, you will have additional controls to exclude the folder from the navigation. Edit the folder by clicking on the folder to select it (not pages within), and selecting Edit. Click on the Metadata tab, and look toward the bottom of the screen for Custom Metadata. Check the box for Exclude from Sub-navigation.

Exclude folder from navigation

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